[Audio] Ed Sheeran Shape Of You Latin Style!

Ed Sheeran is the hottest artist in the world with his #1 album Divide and “Shape Of You” has ruled the Billboard Hot 100 for 2 months and #1 for 5 weeks in a row on The Z1035 Hit 20 Countdown and many other charts. How do you make a hot track even hotter? Give it a vacation Reggaetón vibe! That’s what Zion y Lennox did giving the international hit a Latin twist. “We were thrilled to work on this amazing track because everything about it is beautiful. The rhythm, which is very Carribean, everything. It’s very representative of what he can do with music. We saw him last year and he had a country song, you’d never imagine it’s Ed Sheeran. For us it was great news to be able to make this happen,” Zion y Lennox previously told Billboard adding that they recorded the remix in a hotel room in Guatemala. “The result is epic.”

Story source and audio from Billboard.com

Check out the official Lyric Video for Shape Of You (Latin Remix) via Warner Music En Español on Youtube:

Zion Y Lennox Photo from John Parra/Getty Images for Univision

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