[Video] Alec Baldwin Stepping Away From Twitter Following Criticism Over Weinstein Payoff Comments

Alec Baldwin reprised his role as Donald Trump last night on SNL but on Saturday morning he posted a series of tweets which will be his last indefinitely and said he is suspending posting on his account for a period of time in the current climate. Baldwin has received major backlash based on comments he made about Harvey Weinstein’s harassment allegations and the culture of paying women for silence. Alec was blasted on social media for speaking about the culture of payoffs in the context of Weinstein’s numerous settlements with women over the decades in an interview with PBS. On Twitter, Baldwin said it was never his intentions to “blame the victim.” Baldwin’s said his @ABFAlecBaldwin account will continue to post information about his work with the arts and environment.

Featured Image from Alec Baldwin/Twitter

Video from PBS via Twitter

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