[Video] Adele Channels Her Inner Beyonce In Melbourne

We all know Adele has a deep love, respect and admiration for Beyoncé. Adele won album of the year at 59th Grammy Awards February 12 at The Staples Center in LA but she praised Queen B and said “I’m very humbled and I’m very grateful and gracious, but my artist of my life is Beyoncé,” she said in her speech, “and this album to me, the Lemonade album, was just so monumental, Beyoncé. It was so monumental and so well thought out and so beautiful and soul-baring and we all got to see another side to you that you don’t always let us see, and we appreciate that. And all us artists here adore you. You are our light!” This past she channeled her inner Beyonce at a Melbourne concert. Taking a moment to cool down between songs in front of crowd, Adele bent forward and started doing a very Beyoncé-like hair toss while humming the “uh-oh, uh-oh” part from “Crazy in Love.” After a moment she stood back up and laughed, saying, “I don’t know how she does it!”

Source: Entertainment Weekly


Video from Beyonce Legion @Bey_Legion on Twitter


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