2018 Sexiest Man Alive Will Be Revealed Tonight

And The Winner Is????? Last year PEOPLE’s 2018 Sexiest Man Alive was Blake Shelton. That decision was the topic of many discussions and debates. Who will be crowned the sexiest man in 2018? The winner will be revealed and make a special appearance on The Tonight Show at 11:35pm with Jimmy Fallon on NBC.  Rachel Maddow, Sam Heughan and Canada’s very own Carly Rae Jepsen will also appear on the show tonight in support of her new catchy tune “Party For One.” Past “Sexy” winners including The Rock in 2016, David Beckham in 2015,  Chris Hemsworth in 2014, Adam Levine in 2013, Channing Tatum in 2012, Bradley Cooper in 2011, and Ryan Reynolds was the first Canadian to win in 2010. Other former winners include Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Richard Gere, Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford and Mel Gibson was the first winner way back in 1985.  Who do you think will be the winner of the 2018 People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive? Join the conversation on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Story Source: People

Images from Twitter: @people




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