2017 Public Bike Ride set to roll in Orangeville

The Town of Orangeville is promoting its second proposed bike route with a public bike ride event on May 27. Participants depart at 9:30 a.m. at École élémentaire des Quatre-Rivières (60 Century Drive). Bicyclists ride together on Parkview, Lawrence, Madison and Church to end up at the Orangeville Farmers’ Market.

Bike ride organizer Grant Peters of the Orangeville Sustainability Action Team says public bike rides are a tremendous opportunity for local citizens to safely ride through town in an effort to raise awareness for alternative transportation methods and bike/car safety. The leisurely public bike ride will have police escorts, creating a safe atmosphere for all ages and skill levels.

“We are hopeful that by taking the public along this route, citizens will increase support for this route and may contribute to funding its construction,” Mr. Peters says.

Jeff Lemon of the Orangeville Sustainability Action Team will lead the public bike ride in a non-traditional bicycle. Join the ride to see Jeff in action.

Public bike ride events have been tremendously successful all over the world (Portland, Oregon; Bogota, Colombia; and London, England, to name a few) as a way to encourage car-free travel and “living streets”. People are free to “ride” any non-motorized vehicle — skateboards, inline skates, etc. Spectators are also encouraged as it’s quite an event to witness.

Photo Submitted by The Town of Orangeville

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